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Wonderful forest in Euroclub: our new home!

  Наш преподаватель Lord Vader поделился своими впечатлениями об осенней сессии и о новом месте - Великолепный лес "Евроклуба"

Hello again dear Euroclub people! Its Lord Vader reporting in with another update for you.

   We have just had the last Autumn Session of the year, where lots of new and exciting things happened. 

   To start with The New Campsite, it was our first ever time on the grounds and what a beautiful place we can all call home! Surrounded by forests it has a very clean, natural, and relaxing atmosphere. With a river running through it, areas for outdoor activities, a really nice Canteen with enough space for all, good food, friendly staff, and they even have a fish tank. The building where we stayed was perfect for what we needed. The rooms were well put together with enough space for everyone, with constant hot water day and night, they were situated on the main floor and one above, with the lower level to be used for English Talks, Parliament, Master classes, Home Talks, Discos, and even Karaoke. So especially in the cold weather there is plenty to do in the warm. The kids really liked the place, the Lords and Ladies did too. I can’t wait for the Winter session to re-visit our new home.

   English Talks went as good as usual with one major exception... no Russian teacher so if you want English Talks you will have to go with a native English teacher (which keeps me very busy but I like it that way) and for the kids who are not included in group classes, I will be involved in all activities and I will also hold Club talks and presentations for all to attend.

   This session we had many new themed days and events. But the one that really stood out was Global Magic Day it was such a great day. Starting from the moment the kids got up to almost the time for bed. Filled with many events and all Lords and Ladies staying in character the whole day including me. We will definitely do this again. With that all said we have much more planned for the Winter Session and further on so don’t think we won’t get better. Come and join the fun or Santa will put you on his naughty list. 

   I am looking forward to seeing you in January to start the new year surrounded by friends.

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