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English Talk по теме "Безопасность в Интернете"

  Тема Интернет-безопасности для детей и подростков является крайне актуальной и рекомендована для детских учреждениий обучения и отдыха. Наш преподаватель английского языка Lord Vader поделился впечатлениями о первых занятиях English Talks в "Евроклубе", посвященных изучению и обсуждению данного вопроса. 

Internet Safety: tips to know

  "It was Goodbye Day of the Euroclub Autumn session 2018. I arrived at camp to hold a special English Talk on Internet Safety. This is a very important topic for the kids to learn, because of the easy access to computers and the internet today. 

   The plan was... I would hold the first of three English Talks, split from youngest to oldest, using seven posters, sourced information, and knowledge of the topic. I would introduce myself and the topic, give a brief description, then talk through the posters one by one, asking and answering questoins as we go, then briefly re-revising the topics by showing a random poster and asking the kids to describe what the poster shows, dangers and solutions to the issue, finally asking if there were any other questions the kids had on this matter and thanking them for their attendance. At the end of English Talks each child recieved a cetrificate of completion.

   The topics/posters covered in this English Talk were as follows:

-Do you really know who you are chatting to online? with this poster we talked about the dangers of not knowing who you are interacting with on the web. With fake profiles easy to create being whoever you want to be is at your finger tips! not to mention computer software that has been designed to trick you.

-When online keep your information top secret. With this poster we spoke about the dangers of handing out your personal information such as... Full name, address, phone number, account details, and how the people online can use it. 

-NEVER meet an online friend. with this poster we continue with the topic of people trying to trick you, but here it has got to the point where they want to meet you! how do you know if they are who they say they are? Then speaking about if you really must meet with this person... how cant you make it as safe as possible and keep yourself protected?

-Photographs and Webcams. with this poster we went on to speak about being careful what you put in photos and videos on the net, as there can be a lot of unwanted information you would not usually think to look for before uploading it. so knowing what to check for, using neutral backgrounds to not give anything away, and being careful with what you say.

-Bullying online. With this poster we covered the topic of bullying and its many forms on the web, how to respont, and who to tell/talk to about it.

-Inappropriate content on the internet. With this poster we went over the nasty side of the web, how to avoid, protect, and save yourself from bad pictures, videos, and texts. What to do if it pops up on your screen, how to block it, who to tell, and how to report it.

-Viruses, Scam Emails and Messages. With this poster we finished the Master Class with discussion on the problems with viruses and how they get on your computer, what you can do to prevent them, spam emails and messages looking to scam you out of money, and spyware looking to copy your details and follow your every move.

    The first class went well, it was a good start to the three classes. with the help of the posters and some amiture dramiticson on my part we got through the presentation. There were some minor issues, but nothing to worry about :) and we got there in the end. Whilst having fun along the way.

   The second class was with the oldest group and because of their level of English, they were the easiest to hold this safety briefing with. It went pretty much without a hitch :). We had an informative talk, again working with the posters, sharing each others knowledge and stories on the topic.

   The third class. The youngest. This time I aquired the help of Lord Slim to interperate for us and the kids understood everything quickly, they were coming up with some very interesting questions, and even a joke or two.

  All in all. I think it went well but with room for improvement next time! I also enjoyed every minuite of it and am excited about doing it again. P.S. I will be looking forward to seeing you on the following camp sessions!!!"               

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