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Shakespeare and a bear

  Наш преподаватель английского языка Lord Vader рассказывает о некоторых любопытных событиях февральской сессии 2019

Hello dear Euro Clubbers, I am here to talk about our last Winter session of the year!

   We were back on an old familliar site Istra, so i shouldn't have to mention much about the facilities or grounds (as you all know them well). But I will say it was even better than I remembered probably due to the improvement of the food served on site, there was more variety and flavour for sure.

   The main theam for this session was based on Russian Serfdom, we had with a days activities based on it with different stations and tasks all extreamly fun (I was a bear eating and protecting spilt caviar that the kids had to collect ) everyone had a lot of fun. We also had some old favourites making appearances like ... Magic Day, Zombie Apocalypse Day, and St. Valentine's Day. As you all know are all great and more so with the new added twists.

   Speaking of new and exciting we had some good masterclasses this session. Fencing and bowling being the newest additions. They couldn't have gone better, giving the kids giving the kids a chance to compeat, have fun, and maybe even try a new sport too. I really hope they become regulars.

   English Talks were theamed also this session with Shakespeare for the Older groups.

   Fate and Destiny as a basis for the intermediate and upper inter kids. using extracts from plays such as...  Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the Tempest in video and text form. Pre inter had condensed forms of two plays Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, as well as a video about the man himself William Shakespeare, with a worksheet to complete and talk about afterwards.

   The kids seemed to be very interested in this subject. Which was what i was hoping for, to maybe get them more interested in English literature, theater, and history.

   For the youngest group we worked on telling the time and building up their vocabulary, by the end of the session they were much better.

   All in all it was a great session and a really good atmosphear throughout. So see you there next time!

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